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KEMA Type Test Certificates are special documents that are only issued if a component is successfully tested in agreement within the relevant international accepted standard. For buying utilities or industries KEMA Type Test Certificates are important documents to ensure the correct functioning and technical excellence of the component purchased from the vendor.

A KEMA Type Test Certificate is only issued if a component is successfully tested and meets all technical requirements. With a Certificate you can be sure of buying component of a good quality.

For Utilities and Industries we have listed the KEMA Type Test Certificates in an easy accessible database. Selections can be made by component, standard or vendor. We kindly invite you to access this database and look for the component of your interest.

Overview of the List of Type Test Certificates:


Also, you can check the validity of a KEMA Type Test Certificate, Report of Performance or Test Report, by sending your copy to contact.kemalaboratories@kema.com so that we may confirm its legitimacy.

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